CariPay is a new digital asset management platform independently developed by CariNet project team. It is an easy-to-use digital asset Wallet who can support multiple currencies, and is compatible with various platform functions. It is divided into three versions:
1.0 Version
Decentralized wallet IM function
2.0 Version
News information Content creation
Chargeable knowledge
Systematic wallet
3.0 Version
Encrypted P2P social contact
Decentralized exchange
1.0 Version
IM Function
Users can initiate communications in real time
Decentralized wallet Function
Supports digital tokens based on Ethereum and CariNet
2.0 Version
News Reports
Provide real-time news reports and market information in the blockchain field
Chargeable Knowledge
Pay to improve blockchain awareness
Content Creation and Publishment
UGC platform
Systematic Wallet
Free transfer among users
Expand IM systematic function
3.0 Version
Encrypted P2P Social Contact
Ensure social privacy
Decentralized Exchange
Realize P2P transactions among users
Caribbean digital finance and free trade system